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Lessons from the Dance of Kali, the Mother Nature

Rajiv Malhotra at Bangalore Litfest on Hinduism and Grand Indian Narrative

The History & Origin of Durga Puja

Buddha: The Refiner of Hinduism

Lessons from the Dance of Kali, the Mother Nature

What to Remember when we feel Completely Alone in the Universe.

Particle Physics Informs the Ultimate Questions | @ScientificAmerican, Scientific American Blog Network

Narendra Modi asks world leaders to adopt International Yoga Day

The 7 Chakras: Balancing, Color and Meaning (Hinduism Philosophy and Practice)

Hinduism vs proselytizing religions in the market of ideas.

Self-knowledge, Difficulties in Knowing Yourself

Shakti - The World As Power

Confessions of a Mormon housewife

Youth with a Mission spreading hatred against Hinduism in India

Church turned into 'temple' after 72 Valmikis reconvert to Hinduism - The Times of India

What Is Brahmanism? (Definition)

Who Am I?

Changing face of Hinduism

8 Things I Learned by Going off the Grid.

Jesus and the Buddha - Your Best Life Now

Acharya Chanakya's approach to knowledge

Kaaba a Hindu Temple?

Indians in Thailand - Thailand Hinduism

Mysteries Explored: Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history

Significance of Death in Hinduism

Varanasi: City of Light and Death

Jayaram's Blog - Is Collective Wisdom Better Than Individual Wisdom?

 Hindu India: New Documentary

Does the Bhagavadgita Teach Violence? Day 36

5,000-year Harappan stepwell found in Kutch, bigger than Mohenjo Daro's

 Who is Your Teacher? A Guide to Finding Your Guru

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6 Myths You Believe About Yoga

What Exactly Is Reality? No Metaphor Can Describe It

Saturn's Titan --"The 'Rosetta Stone of the Origin of Life?

Think of yoga as Hinduism's gift to humanity

SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Perceptions of the Past: Women in Islam

Tallest Ganesh idols to grace Visakhapatnam for Vinayaka Chavithi 2014

Witness: Freeing Women From Cleaning Human Waste

Over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since 2006, says Oommen Chandy

The Many Roles of Lord Krishna

Non Duality Views in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta Hinduism

Swastika - Hindu Symbols

Lokmanya Tilak: remembering the man who gave us Ganesh Chaturthi

Vedas reveals ONE GOD, but Hinduism filled with 33crores of Gods

22 Reasons To Believe Hinduism Is Based On Science

First steps into Buddhist meditation

Suffering does have its good points

8 Characteristics Of ‘Success’ For The Coming Decades

When Your Life Becomes a Nightmare---How to Cope.

You Can Be Indian and Not Hindu: An Agnostic Indian’s Thoughts

Religious Drugs From History

How much forbearance does Hinduism allow?

Four Famous Female Figures of Vedic India

I ask therefore I’m Hindu: Hinduism stands for freedom of thought, don’t stifle that spirit

The Westernization of Hinduism and its Alienating Consequences « Videshi Sutra

What happened to Pandavas and Shri Krishna after Mahabharata?

Renunciation and Simplicity, by Corrado Pensa

Cultivating a Sense of Ease

I Want To Move To Bali and Live in a Tree: Thoughts on Green Village

What's So Hard About Meditation? It's Just Sitting There.

Headless Cobra Manages To Kill Chinese Chef 20 Minutes After Being Decapitated

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